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Road Lessons

Emma Light Photo

Since my first day as a gypsy two weeks ago, I’ve slept in tents, on couches, and occasionally in beds– in nine different places. I’ve biked seven new trails, climbed two bucket-list mountains, and gone cragging topless…and I’m only halfway through this trip. These are some things I’ve learned so far:

1. You’ll probably send if you’re cragging topless.

Because cheese-gratering back to that last bolt just isn’t an option.

2. If the couch you’re crashing on is occupied by people drinking tequila, you should drink tequila with them. 

Because why the hell not?

3. Multi-day trips in the mountains are a great way to avoid begging people to sleep in their homes. 

Even better if they want to come with you. Stars > ceilings. Forever.

4. Sometimes trails live up to the hype. 

Cases in point: Bobsled in SLC, Phillips Ridge in Jackson, Elbow in Big Sky.

5. Say Yes.

It’s an unwritten law of the road that you must be open to whatever comes your way. Even when you’ve spent the week tossing and turning on couches, drinking tequila, riding till your legs scream for mercy and watching the stars while listening for bears– say yes. To that next trip, to the mystery meat, to the vision quest. Because you WILL learn something, and going to bed tired is a sure sign you’re doing it right.


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  1. bill says

    Sounds like you are  having a great time.  I really think you would like Colombia, it’s  a great place with really nice people, headed there next week for 2 weeks. Being on the road is a learning experience, love it. take care mrbill

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