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Diversify me

One of the coolest things about taking a step back from raceland is that I’m finally getting to do a bunch of the stuff I’ve been meaning to try for the last few years. There are obvious things I’ve known are missing- like financial stability, beer brats and the lighting of explosives on the 4th- and then there are things I didn’t even know I was itching to do, like skinning eight miles upstream into the Beartooths, learning self arrest, and meeting the sunrise at 11,000 feet. (Which is what happens when KT and I have the same days off work.)

It’s true that a life dedicated to pedaling grants some incredible opportunities, but right now I’m taking great pleasure in dedicating my life to other stuff and seeing where it takes me. I’ve found that the number of opportunities doesn’t actually change- they’re just more diverse and more fun to search out.

I’m also stoked to see Sun Valley for nationals, though this year I’ll be purely a photographer, wrench, and bottle-passer for my little brother. Start em young, or something… right?

Diggin’ this tune:

Mr Little Jeans is apparently not a boy, and the original Arcade Fire song needs no introduction.

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