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I had the day off on Monday and, having been recently reunited with my fabulous roommates, decided to take a family camping trip near Nelson- cribbage capital of the world.

A mossy scramble through the woods got us to the base a lovely limestone thing, and although we were stymied (I use that word whenever possible) by a washed out road the following morning, we had a grand time “finding clarity” on what the guidebook dubbed a “roadside chossfest.”

Crystal-encrusted, knuckle-hungry cracks. Mid-climb basins sprouting secret trees. Sticky little dishes for toes and fingers. Nutella tortillas and bandito wine- we had a blast.

In the end I wasted my (already rather pathetic) arms hauling my body up rocks, and vastly underestimated the difficulty of switching from dishy holds to holding dishes. Perhaps it was the unwelcome shock of taking a sunsoaked body indoors, but I totally bonked, at work, and the longest day of the year really began to feel that way.

But, Go Solstice! It was light until 10pm yesterday! Sometimes it’s really cool to live up North…

Stymied by nature.

Very nice! (That's a thumbs up)

Deja Descending

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