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50 days to… Salad?

It’s been crazy sunny out lately, and after the last few weeks of rain it’s been a welcome change. As a result I went epic-ing with some old friends on a north-facing trail I’d written off until optimistically until July. Long climb, some hike-a-biking, and then we got to savor one of my favorite descents around- it was perfectly tacky and dry. I love being reminded of how rad MT trails are.

Fish tacos, some IPA, and adventure-fetch with the worlds spunkiest lab. Then went home and instantly passed out- I woke up this morning about two hours late with a definite “getting sick” feeling, verging on straight up “you’re sick.” I guess that’s what you get for being too hasty about getting off the couch. Or staying up instead of going to sleep a bunch of nights in a row.

I was going to chip away at my list of dull and negative money-type things today while my body recuperated, but KT appeared on my porch just as I was about to get down to it, and inspired me to go garden instead. Which is how I came to be riding down Peach on my sketchy cruiser, greasy-haired, PJ clad, and carrying her shovel. I then proceeded to spend the entire day playing in dirt. Gardening is awesome!!

Plus, now I have a bunch of seed babies to look after and then eat. In 50 days.

tomats, carrots, winter squash, beets, and suga snap peaz!!

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