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On Season

According to this watch, I could have eaten two of these on September 2nd. I haven’t worn it since, which means:

1. That my off season was 131 days long.

2. That the dirt on there is Canadian.

3. That I missed an opportunity to eat something that might have given me an instant heart attack.

Yet once again, I take a somewhat irrational pleasure in what my HRM doesn’t know. What have I gotten up to in 131 days of “off season”?

I’ve explored a bunch of new territory on skis and bikes, cut my first pair of skins, and slept in cabins full of friends, firearms and whiskey. I made deep-fried-panko-spam sushi, kale shakes, and a really long paper about Moby Dick. I invented (according to spell check) no fewer than three words for said paper. One of the words was bromance.

I saw the Dead Sea, a tank, the inside of my very first bar, and the first half of the last Harry Potter, which was ruined as usual by the supremely incompetent Daniel Radcliffe. I started rockclimbing again, got my wisdom teeth stolen, and made many, many hats, which I gave to many, many people for free (not a sustainable business plan.)

It’s been a great 131 days, but like all 131 day segments, it had to end.

For some people new years comes on January 1st, but mine was today. I’m celebrating by making a nice veggie stir fry, doing a core workout, and going to bed early. Here’s to new seasons and old watches!

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  1. Ori Stein says

    Well, friend, “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”
    Good luck in the season and keep posting. You have a follower
    far in the holy land…

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