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I  just realized that my phone records every word I have to teach it. The result is a weirdly descriptive personal dictionary, which I thought might help some of you understand me better. So here it is!

I’ve explained whichever words I think need explaining, for the rest you’re on your own. Also, prepare for a surprising amount of spanish.


accentuates, ahh, alejandro, aleworks, alls, alzheimers, amt, antsy, armrests, ass, avg, aww, ayup,


bagger, bangtail, bar9, bbq, beah (s.), beahs (pl.), bellingham, bessar, bfast, bff, bien, bigsky, bikeland, bikestand, blackmore, bloobs (blueberries),  bozeman, brackett, bridger, brotha, bueno, bullshit, bumfuck, (as in ‘-nowhere’)


ca, caffeinated, cali, calzones, camo, canadia, cansada, capstone, carpool, casa, chacos, chamomile, champs, chica, chico, chillin, chocolat, chug, classe, climbsesh, coachie, como, compy, cosigner, coutryd, crankworx, crap, cruiserinh (the way you text when you’re on a cruiser ride), cruizing,


da, dang, deelish, def, dem (as in ‘- apples’), dh, dia, dibbs, dindin, donezo, duche, duermo, duthie, dvd,


edu, emovel (a novel that comes via email), ensena, er, erm, errr, espanol, estoy, estudiando, eugh, euroland, eww, ewwwewwwww, ewwwwww, exactamente,


f-ing, fam, fanny, farken, farking, favs, fb, feelin, felting, flims, fo (as in ‘-sho’), fone, foodz, franzia, freehub, fruitz, fuck, further,


germy, gf, gnar, gnarly, gnight, gogirl, goretex, gparents, groovecat, growler, gung,


haha, hahaha, hangin, hasta, headz, heah, hej (‘hey’ in norwegian, probably), hell, hermiting, heya, hfcs (high fructose corn syrup), hm, hokay, honesy, hoodie, hotdrinks, hourglass, housewarming, housey, hr, huma, hw,


imposters, interwebs, invitey, irked, jajajaja, jea, jeebus, ju, kant (like that writer guy), kirchzarten,


laaame, laramie, lata, layover, legroom, legspeed, libbing, liiike, liquitizinh (how you text liquidizing when consuming liquids), liveable, lobsta, lotto, lyd,


maillot, manana, margaritas, masochism, masthead, meh, meow, mi, migraining, mitts, moi, momos, mont, mreh, msa (that one venue), mshrooms, mtbing, mullet, munch, museli, musica, muy,


nanners (a delicious fruit), natties, naw, necessito, nedward, nervy, nordi, numba, nutrion, nuun, ohhh, oi, okaaayy, oken, omg, oof, oohh, openers, otc, overestimating, paryay, pbr, pee, peed, pero, playdough, pleez, plonk, poly, poops, por, pregaming, premeeting, prerace, preride, pricy, procaliber (my old bike), racin, rad, rando, rawr, ridiculois (french for ridiulous), righto, roadie, rockstar, roomies,


sancho, sandbagger, schmammered, schwat, sconecake, seatown, seattley, senor, sesh, shenanigans, shimano, shindig, shitty, sho (as in ‘fo-’), si, siesta, skinnier, slabby, slc, somesing, sooo, spanishland, spectating, spgs, squaw, sry, stans, stoked, studyage, suby, sugga (as in ‘give me some-’), sundial, superbad, superhero,


tam, tangletown, teet, tetons, tgring (teton gravity researching), thinktank, thur, tix, tomarrow, tomo, trashy, traumatizing, trekking, tres, trikes, trou (as in ‘drop-’), truckee, tyme, uci, uhh, ummm, umn, una, urgh, usa, ut, ve, vegging (vb.), veg (n.), ver, vid, vino,


waay, weathers, whaddaboutyou, whatchu, whatev, whiny, whisperer, whomp, windham, witchu, woah, woahhhh, wolverine, wordvom, wrampage (like a rampage only more intense), wringer, wtf,


xc, xs, xtr, yah, yall, yesss, yesssssss, yeugh, yum, yup, ze (french for ‘the’)

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