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Raffle WINNER!

This weekend, according to my watch, I burned thousands of Calories. Like, more calories than sedentary people (should) consume in a week. That’s why I love my watch- it tells me lies that enable me to eat an entire batch of cookies.

Saturday kicked off much like friday; in the pouring rain. Sadly unlike Friday, I didn’t have the option of wussing out and riding my trainer, so I chugged down a latte, ate a day-old cookie from International Coffee Traders, and loaded my stuff into Nick’s truck for the journey to Big Sky.

Surprisingly, we actually broke through the cloud and found ourselves some really blue sky up there, which only added to my excitement as I started warming up; I felt good. Really, really good. Having come to expect general fatigue and death-feelings from my legs and lungs, I was truly shocked. I don’t know what’s changed between now and like, last week, but for some reason my body and I were finally ready to race.

Sometimes feeling good in my warmup means that I’ll fall apart come race-time, but this wasn’t the case. I felt like an absolute monster off the start, and I only felt better as the laps went by. I was riding pretty solidly in sixth overall (including the men) but passed a few guys before the race’s end and ended up getting 4th in the cat1’s and 5th overall. As the first girl, I also won some substantial funtickets to fund my upcoming travels, which was awesome.

The course still has me smiling- it consisted of a nice, long, mostly singletrack climb followed by a fast, fun descent with plenty of techy stuff to keep it interesting. It was a classic ski hill course- the style of racing which, if you’ve read my blog at all, you know I’m in love with. It takes me back to the first races I ever did, where every ride was a huge adventure. These days most of the UCI-sanctioned stuff we do is short, shallow, and spectator-friendly. Unfortunately spectator-friendly =  less adventure for the riders and mo’ money for the promotor. Legit tradeoffs, I guess, but it looks like Big Sky’s still got their priorities straight.

After the race there was free pad-thai, AND I won my FIRST raffle prize!! One of the things you should know about me is that I never win raffles- ever. I’ve entered many, but from the Warren Miller to Winter Park, no one ever pulls my ticket. Until Saturday. I won a neon orange-headband, some socks, and a platypus waterbag. Rad.

On Sunday I found out about Spencer and grieved in the only way I know how- by leaving everything at home, getting outside and celebrating life. It ended up being about five hours of riding in weather that was suddenly perfect. It was cool but sunny and clear, with tacky trails and just-changing leaves. I can’t imagine many things better than a handful of friends, some familiar, gnarly trails, and enough sun to make a dermatologist wince. It was a good, sad day.

On the menu for today: NEW HOUSE! My car will finally be relieved of closet duty!

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