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It’s complicated

Montana (or Bozeman) and I have cultivated a rather strange and changing relationship in the last few years. I’ve loved it, I’ve hated it, and I’ve never been quite sure how it feels towards me. This state is like that person we’ve all dated who you can never quite figure out- you’re pretty sure there’s something unique and special about them, but you can’t always reach it. If Montana and I were facebook friends, our status would read “it’s complicated.” And I can’t believe I just typed that.

Anyway we’re in a good phase right now. I haven’t felt like I’ve had a home for the last six months, so it’s been great but to suddenly (and unexpectedly) feel a place resonate so well. Maybe it just happened

Ned, Augie, and Ryan on Yellow Mule

to be the square I landed on when I ran out of traveling steam, but I’m pretty sure I’d be loving it here no matter what.

It doesn’t hurt that in the last two days I’ve done two great rides to remind me of why this place is so special- trails here are built with incredible flow and they cover enough real estate to generate some true speed. Everything I’ve been riding all year has been either steep but too technical to ride really fast, or buff but shallow, so the perfect balance of the trails here has been a total treat. It makes me feel like a rocket.

Which I’m going to need, come the end of the month. Despite some painful results this season I’ve been named to the Worlds Team, so it’s off to the East Coast for two more big races! I’m stoked because I feel like I’m only just starting to hit my stride- normally I’d be pretty fried by this point in the season, but I’ve had such a slow start that I think these races in Windham and Mont Sainte Anne will actually come at a pretty perfect time for me.

Until then it’s some more great riding with great friends, a new house to move into, and a complicated ¬†relationship to mend. Oh, and I might order my school books one of these days.

Canada here I come!

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