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Duthie Hill: A good thing.

Yesterday I went a-sploring at a place called Duthie Hill. I’d been originally attracted by the promise of a Santa Cruz demo, but was soon distracted by the trails and how good my superfly felt on them. Eventually all thought of getting with another bike dissolved into pure wagon-wheel joy- sometimes you just have to love the one you’re with.

It was a foggy day in Washington, and for some reason the light was sunset-orange even though it was only about 1pm. The loamy ground was crowded with ferns and the trees were gigantic and moss-covered, which lent the whole atmosphere a kind of prehistoric feel. I would not be at all surprised if they’ve got some dinosaurs hidden in there. Like probably a triceratops at least. Maybe a pachycephalosaurus.

The trails themselves were brilliantly built, milking every contour of the park’s 120 acres while maintaining a great sense of flow. The berms and jumps were constructed so well that a novice bermer/jumper like me could feel like a superhero, and I even rode a few ladders without breaking my body or bike! Though it definitely lacked the rambling adventure feel of a Colorado epic, I couldnt help thinking (with my tendency towards Martha Stewartisms) that Duthie Hill is… a good thing.

TOP 3 Reasons why:

1) It’s got enough features, repeated enough times, that you can get a great feel for your bike in a number of different, conveniently low risk, situations. This is better than, say, riding your first roots when you get to a Vermont race, or your first off-cambre trail when you get to a Swiss race, both of which happened to me (with bloody consequences.)

2) You could take your novice boyfriend (or girlfriend) there and they would instantly fall in love with bike riding (and probably also with you) because each trail is built to bring out the best sensations of the sport. I actually can’t guarantee this. But I guess it’s possible.

3) It looks like there could be dinosaurs in the woods.

SO that’s that. I’m crushin on Duthie. Washington is also a cool place.

the "thick headed lizard" rendered by Mr. Arthur Weasley

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