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Huzzah for Moms!

After my melodramatic little hiatus, I am once again a bike racer. Which means that I got to do training again this week and suffer some, which felt good. Or at least more normal than sitting around eating candy and stuff, which is what I was doing.

Yesterday’s ride especially involved a lot of semi-abusive inner dialogue, riding-really-fast-up-hills and puke-feelings, so I decided to take today to be a little nicer to myself.

I got dressed up in my best roadie costume (everything white I own) and set out to pedal around on my unimaginably sexy white blinglespeed. The blinglespeed is excellent for off days 1) Because it is very good looking, which makes me feel very good looking and 2) because it forces me to pedal at a consistent rate instead of sporadically sprinting around like I tend to do.

As I was riding next to the ocean I saw that about a million people had swarmed the beach. I couldn’t figure out why until I remembered it’s mothers day. So rather than guiltily buying a card like the Hallmark people want me to do, I decided right then and there to take a digital bouquet for my mom. Thus materialized the training goal for my ride: Flower/Mom appreciation!

Here’s what I saw. Thanks for cookin me up, mom!!

who needs those creepy Hallmark sentiments, anyway?


  1. diana tanner says

    Thanks Lyd!
    You know how I feel about the made up holiday, designed to sell cards and chocolate.
    And although I do love chocolate, instead I bought a tubeless kit today and wrenched your brothers tires all afternoon.
    It was only semi traumatic and I’ll look forward to washing the Stan’s out of my hair tonight.
    Your photos are lovely, Hallmark has nothing on you! The resting bee is beautiful. I’m sure you were the same on the Blinglespeed. Thanks for thinking of me today. And, “cooking you up” … the pleasure has been all mine.

  2. McSzabo says

    Lyd! I was thinking how much your mom would love those pictures. Then I went to make a comment and there was your mom! Hi Diana!
    Love your blog Lydia. Thanks for writing.

    🙂 Heather

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