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say what!?

It’s recently been brought to my attention that parts of my blog are also showing up in another person’s blog. While it’s oddly flattering that someone thinks my ideas are cool enough to steal, I would appreciate it if you’d stop. Thanks!


  1. Zach says

    Sorry to steal your words Lydia. I coudn’t help but blog about the GoGirl, too. Its changed my life…

    • lydiatanner says

      oh no zach it wasn’t you! I didn’t know you had a blog, what’s the link?

      • Zach says

        I was kidding! It would be kinda funny if I had been blogging about GoGirl though, you know, because I’m a guy…

      • lydiatanner says

        Oh i think gogirl’s next step will be to market to guys as well. It all goes into the “extra steps you can add to the process of peeing” category.

  2. momo from japan says

    WOW!! Lydia!!!!!!

    It’s MOMOKO! …Do you still remember me?

    I found you on the web site that you are biking and you looked so cool.
    I was very surprised!

    So, how are you doing so far?
    I turned 22 in March and I’m majoring architecture in Sendai, Japan.
    I visited Boulder 2 years ago with my mother.
    Do you still live in Boulder?

    I do want to keep in touch with you so send me an e-mail!! Please! lol

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