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friendly woodland creatures

Oh yeah, lets go ride.

Oh yeah, lets go ride.

So, due to my excellent couch-surfing skills I have landed in a sweet house deep in the woods of Vermont. I’m surrounded by bike-folk, each with his own jar of peanut butter, but there is no cell reception. I thought it would be kind of cool and romantic to be a monk and leave my computer at home, but I’m finding that may have been a mistake, as I now have to borrow other people’s whenever I want to contact to outside world.

The race on Saturday was great; the weather was magical, the trail was challenging, and I did not get attacked by any bees. Finally, some good luck! I always expect to see a gingerbread house or some friendly talking woodland creatures in the woods here, but I’ve only ever found roots, rocks, and bottomless mud bogs (it’s always a mystery- will i sink up to my knees, or just my hubs?) It felt great to be able to ride hard for the whole race with no real mishaps, but once again I’ve found that I have a lot of work to do (about twenty minutes worth) before I’m even in the running. My goal was to finish in the top half, but that slipped away, along with Alexandra Serrano’s wheel, in a sprint finish. Ah well, I’ve still got one more race.

So far this trip has really made me thankful of the friends I’ve got here in bikeland. After the hitchhiking/housing/bike fiasco that epitomized last year, it’s amazing to have couches, floors, and people I actually know around to make things easier. I would love to write a really long-winded, sentimental blog like I usually do, but I’m going to free up the computer. Windham next weekend!

photo: Garrett Geer

photo: Garrett Geer

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